Purchasing Air Conditioners

Air conditioning has become increasingly popular in rural areas over the previous decade. They are relatively inexpensive, but very heavy to carry, and can be installed in a window or outside if you prefer central air in under a few hours. An entire apartment building can easily be cooled by even the most inexpensive air conditioner. It will simply take longer for the conditioner to take effect. Below are 4 tips for buying the right air conditioner for your home:



1. What Air Conditioner Should You Buy

Air conditioners normally come in 4 main types: wall units, window units, portable units and whole house or central air units. There are also 3 main types of window units, one’s that fit in casement windows, double-hung windows, and sliding windows. Window units will usually convert between types with special hardware, which is often included. Small through the wall units will often convert into window units. Large through the wall and central air units usually require professional installation, which adds to the cost. If you do not wish to clutter up your yard with a large air conditioning unit and surrounding fence to keep animals and people out, you will have to settle for a free standing unit. Taking up a large portion of your property, the central air system makes up for its bulk by being able to service several rooms in your home instead of just one.

2. Know What Features You Want

At the bare minimum, your air conditioner should have an adjustable thermostat, and it’s recommended at least two cooling speeds. Also to save money another must have feature is an energy efficient setting. The energy efficient setting stops the fan when the unit is not cooling. Another nice feature is an adjustable vent, which allows you to aim the air and finally you want an exhaust vent setting, this allows fresh air to come from the outside.

3. Get An Air Conditioner Cover

Covers are used to protect air conditioners from unfavorable weather conditions such as condensation, dew, cold drafts, extreme heat, etc. They also keep dust and small insects away from the body of the air conditioner and its different components. Some better-quality Covers can also absorb the vibration of the air conditioner, and reduce the noise it creates.

4. Be Sure To Change Your Filter

Don’t gamble with your health – air conditioners can help alleviate asthma, allergies, and is a wonderful idea for babies. Filters are extremely important and cannot be understated. If you do not change your filter regularly the entire system might break down and cause you and your family to breathe in extremely dusty dirty air. This can be extremely irritating for those with asthma as well as babies. Changing a filter is inexpensive and only takes ten minutes.